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    Kent Riisgaard

    New question


    I have bought a Airpatrol WI-FI

    I have problem when my controller and telephone is parring.

    I have followed the instructions, and everything is fine until it must pair...

    It find the the net. It gives me a temporarry place to connect, but then it kind of stops.

    After a while the LED4 light turns of, but my phone still lokks like it is parring...

    Nothing just happens, so i need to know what to do?

    I have disconnected all internet sources exept the 2.4 Ghz that you recommend.

    I have tried to press the WPS on my router and the Parring button on the controller, bur still no lluck.

    I havent been able to find any troubleshooting regarding this problem. so i really hope you can help me.

    Best regards

    Kent Riisgaard



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