How to use Alexa to control your AirPatrol WiFi device with voice

1. Download Amazon Alexa app for Android or iOS

2. Open Alexa app and tap on the menu button on the top left

3. Select skills & games

4. Search for "AirPatrol WiFi"

5. Select AirPatrol WiFi

6. Select "Enable to use"

7. Use your AirPatrol credentials to login

8. Close the browser window Alexa app opened

After this you will be redirected back to Alexa app

9. Select "Discover Devices"

10. Follow Alexa guide to setup the device

Now try following commands:

  1. "Set {{ deviceName }} to 25 degrees"
  2. "Set {{ deviceName }} to heat"
  3. "Turn off {{ deviceName }}"
  4. "Turn on {{ deviceName }}"
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