How to use Google Assistant to control your AirPatrol WiFi device with voice

1. Download Google Home app for Android or iOS

2. Press "Add button"

3. Select "Set up device"

4. Select "Works with google"

5. Search for "AirPatrol WiFi" and select it

6. Use your AirPatrol credentials to log in

7. Setup your device according to instructions of Google

Now try following commands:

  1. "Set {{ deviceName }} to 25 degrees"
  2. "Set {{ deviceName }} to heat"
  3. "Turn off {{ deviceName }}"
  4. "Turn on {{ deviceName }}"
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    Fredrik Svedberg

    I cannot find "airpatrol wifi" in list of applications to choose from in Google home. Using android device.

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    Gerhard Ladner

    Cant find it no on google and also on Alexa😤

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    AirPatrol Wifi gibt es beim Google Assistant nicht. 

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